Michael Copley

As a founder member of the Cambridge Buskers, Michael has toured the world, with appearances at the Royal Albert Hall, Royal Festival Hall, Sydney Opera House, Carnegie Hall, plus tours of Japan, Australia, Canada and even Syria.

Michael’s serious side, as a recorder player, has led him to concerto performances with the English Chamber Orchestra, the Vancouver Symphony and the Academy of Ancient Music. In addition to playing with the Chuckerbutty Ocarina Quartet for many years, Michael has recently formed a duo with Segovia Prize-winning guitarist Edoardo Catemario, using his vast assortment of woodwind with slightly more serious intent!

Aside from his musical talent, Michael is also an impressive linguist, counting Japanese, French, German, Polish and Croatian amongst his foreign languages. His interest in all things East European takes him regularly to Bosnia, where he works with both disabled children and an adult orchestra. Thanks to many trips to Poland, he can confidently state that he can almost pronounce “W Szczebrzeszynie chrzaszcz brzmi w trzcinie”, a favourite Polish tongue twister.