Children’s and family concerts

The Classic Buskers‘ childrens programme of classical music without the boring bits has been performed throughout the world and features arrangements and derangements of popular classics ranging from Elizabethan times to the present day. In addition to Western musical masterpieces, their repertoire includes many examples of world folk music played on rare and interesting instruments. Flutes and recorders of all shapes and sizes are contrasted with instruments from China, Japan, Bolivia and Romania. Renaissance wind instruments appear next to the latest example of electronic saxophone and sackfuls of strange instruments (including the monster crumhorn, the micro-ocarina and a brace of rubber chickens).

The performance includes lots of visual jokes, musical fun, chat and audience participation and is a painless introduction to the delights of classical music, demonstrating that even the recorder need not be an instrument of torture. The concert lasts approximately 60 minutes, with plenty of time for questions from the children.

Watch The Classic Buskers with orchestra, for kids here.