New Carnival of the Animals with orchestra

The Classic Buskers‘ concerts are perfect for a young audience, as they showcase a wide variety of colourful and intriguing instruments, played with great virtuosity and at unbelievable speed! Their repertoire is drawn from the realms of the classics, and this programme is their own special version of The Carnival of the Animals.

This concert starts with orchestra alone, playing animal-themed works such as the Angry Rats and the Jolly Elephant and the Dance of the Hippos, with a text read by the conductor or a narrator, to introduce each work, and to introduce the instruments of the orchestra.

Then The Classic Buskers join the orchestra playing some fun animal arrangements, with poems interspersed, complete with costumes and props! Look out for Schubert’s Trout actually played on fish, Rimsky Korsakov’s Flight of the Bumblebee, which has a tragic end for the poor bumblebee, and Rossini’s hilarious Cats Duet as you’ve never heard it before, as Ian Moore shows off his amazing vocal talents!

This fun-filled programme has been performed by The Classic Buskers, conducted by Darrell Davison, from the UK to Germany, to Monte Carlo and Malaysia, and they guarantee an hour of fantastic musical fun, suitable for all ages.

Total Duration: 1 hour approx.

Orchestration:  2/1  2 2 2 : 4  2  3  1 : T 3P : Str

Introductory music (orchestra alone)

Rossini: Gallop from William Tell (end of overture) (3 ½ mins)

Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake – Scene and Dance of the Cygnets (3 mins)

Strauss: Cuckoo Polka (3 mins)

Richards: Angry Rats and the Jolly Elephant (4 mins)

Ponchielli: Dance of the Hippos (3 mins)

New Carnival of the Animals (with The Classic Buskers)

Each work in this section is prefaced by a charming animal poem, written by Johnny Morris, available in French, German and English.

Offenbach: The Tortoise and Hare (a special arrangement of Offenbach’s Can-Can) (3mins)

Schubert: The Trout (a special arrangement of Schubert’s Trout variations melody) (2 ½ mins)

Rimsky-Korsakov: The Flight of the Bumble Bee (solo arrangement of Rimsky-Korsakov’s flight – with a short Chopin interlude) (2 mins)

Bizet: Cock and Bull (an arrangement of March of the Toreadors) (3 mins )

Mussorgsky: Python and Alligator (Mussorgsky’s Gnomus from Pictures at an Exhibition) (3 mins)

Rossini: Cats (solo arrangement of Rossini’s operatic duet) (2 ½ mins)

Mussorgsky: Chicks (The Ballet of the Chicks in their Shells from Pictures at an Exhibition) (2 ½ mins)

Trad. Romanian: Baby Whales (arrangement of a traditional Romanian folk song) (3 mins)

 Trad. Romanian: The Lark (arrangement of a traditional Romanian folk song) (2 ½ mins)

Finale – Rossini: Lion (arrangement of Rossini’s Gallop from La Boutique Fantasque) (3 mins)

Example of one of the animal poems:

 1. The Tortoise and the Hare

The Tortoise is of the worrying sort

The Hare of course is a bit of a sport

The Tortoise takes things so much to heart

The Hare says “Oh come on lets make a start

What shall it be a 1000 metres with leaps and bounds

Or shall we box 12 three minute rounds?

The Tortoise says “I’m nearly ready

But I’m going to take it rather steady

For what do you know I’ve just espied

A blinking great greyhound in full stride.

So I’m going to slide inside my shell

Hare give it the Welly and go like hell

All scores and parts, and poems for the New Carnival of the Animals are available to hire from The Classic Buskers.