Children’s workshops

Workshops can be given both to those who already play an instrument and those who would like to. Maximum number in a session is normally best capped at 25. Suits ages 5-11 best.

Workshops for ensembles can be offered to recorder ensembles, ocarina groups, flute choirs. Individual lessons can be given to recorder, flute and keyboard players. For those who do not play an instrument, The Classic Buskers offer workshops for ocarinas, in addition to demonstrating and educating children about the many woodwind instruments which are used during their concerts. These include demonstrations by Michael of panpipes, crumhorns, ocarinas of various shapes and sizes, the swanee whistle, nose flute, electric saxophone and rubber chicken, complemented by Ian’s mastery of the accordion and Eunuch Flute.

The ocarina is a wonderful cheap and portable woodwind instrument which is a good substitute for the recorder as it uses the same fingering system as the recorder, but is easier to play and less prone to squeaking! Even with a small amount of tuition a pupil can produce a sweet and musical sound and quickly pick up new melodies. Plastic ocarinas can be provided for purchase by or loan to the children, along with fingering charts. At the end of a session the children will be able to play and perform a number of pieces and will have a good working knowledge of the ocarina.

‘The pupils got really involved – even the ones who usually find concentration difficult.’

Chris Cole, Windmill Special School, Cambridgeshire