Dancing Through Time

Dancing Through Time is a  programme for The Classic Buskers with orchestra inspired by dance of all kinds, from ballet to folk dance to jazz, and covering the whole history of music from medieval times to the great classics of the 20th century.

Music for Orchestra alone 

Delibes: Doll’s Dance (Coppelia Mazurka)

Plier: Feather Dance (Karlsbad’s Dolls’ Dance)

Stravinsky: Wizard’s Dance (Danse Infernal from The Firebird)

Seiber: Jazz Dances

Bernstein: Street Dances (Symphonic Danses from West Side Story)

Music for orchestra and The Classic Buskers

Medieval Sword Dance – with traditional Tudor music and music by Handel

Romanian Gypsy Dances – original Romanian folk dances deranged by Béla Bartók

Dance of the Cygnets –  a  unique version of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake

The Baker’s Dance   –  an apoplectic version of Falla’s Miller’s Dance from The Three-Cornered Hat

Waltzing in the Danube –  a whirlwind series of famous Waltzes by Strauss and Chopin

Dance of the Spiders – Rossini’s Tarantella is a cure for all arachnophobics

Pavane for a Princess – A beautiful arrangement of Ravel’s Classic masterpiece

Dance of the Seven Veils – with revealing arrangements by Tchaikovsky and Rimsky- Korsakov

Bolero – a miniature version of Ravel’s popular classic

Galop –  a racing finale with music by Suppé and Rossini